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Good dictionaries, but poor UI

very good dictionary, however looks like a quick port. UI is not up to apple standards, search field : text is too big and not aligned with the icons. about box resembles me DOS 6.2 times. it takes few second to get translation, not instant... for 20€ you would expect premium quality, not just good database of words ported form another platform. please fix all that and I upgrade my ranking from 1 to 5 stars.

Word forms, fr-rus

Could you fix the problem, when I want to open word forms tables for some words, application just shut down automatically, there are a several words like this: "parle", "travailler", there are more Im not sure if you can fix them all, but I hope you will, because I meet this kind of problem almost every day. Thank you and good lack!

Nicely done application

Had it on my old Palm, missed it on my iPad. Made a holiday gift for myself :) and very happy!!! Useful app., pleasure to work with, worth money. Can not thank you enough. Keep up good job.

Lost features after upgrading

After upgrading to the new version it does not show as many verb forms as it used to. E.g. still shows pass tense, but no future, conditionnel or subjunctive.

Ошибка в базе словаря

От слова lieue до ligerien в базе словаря ошибка.

Очень хорошо,но и замечаниями

Все очень хорошо, однако, хотелось бы попросить изменить название на Springboard на БОЛЕЕ читаемое!!! И увеличить количество базовых слов,сопровождаемых произнесением. Было бы здорово включить глагольные словоформы в спряжениях. Плюс-при покупке нескольких словарей-объединять их в ОДНОЙ программной оболочке! А в остальном-спасибо! )))

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